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Research Projects

    We carry out a variety of field and data analyses studies of earthquake sources and wave propagation, including:
    1) Field studies of large faults to measure frictional heat and other physical properties. Recently, deep boreholes were drilled in the ocean floor to study the fault of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.
    2) Analyses of time-dependent wave propagation that track physical changes of the Earthfs crust.
    3) Ongoing monitoring of the Yamazaki fault in anticipation of future large earthquakes.
    4) Methods to improve the Earthquake Early Warning system in Japan. New data analyses techniques are being tested to provide better warnings of strong shaking within a few seconds of large earthquakes.

    Seismic observation for the reduction of earthquake damage in the Bhutan Himalaya region

    Installing a seismometer for aftershock observation of the 2013 Awaji earthquake