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Research Projects

  • Taiwan Chelungpu Fault Drilling Project
    We are carrying out temperature monitoring in a 1 km deep borehole that penetrates the Chleungpu fault, Taiwan. This fault had large (8-10m) displacement during the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake. The purpose of the temperature observations is to attempt to measure the residual frictional heat caused by faulting during the large earthquake.
  • Hot Springs Monitoring
    Among the many hot springs of the San-in region, water temperature and water level are monitored at about 15 sites presently, in cooperation with Tottori University. Combined with other related geophysical observations, the processes related to earthquake generation in the crust are being studied.
  • Yamazaki Fault Monitoring
    The Yamazaki fault in Hyogo prefecture currently has a high potential for producing a large damaging earthquake. In this region we are maintaining standard seismi c and crustal deformation observations to study the current level of small earthquakes. There are also new geophysical observations being made with hydrophones to record tiny earthquakes and measurements of pressure and temperature in water wells.
  • Earthquake Triggering
    We are studying the triggering of small earthquakes caused by the passage of seismic waves from distant large earthquakes. Such induced seismicity is often seen across Japan and these studies provide a better understanding of the mechanisms that cause earthquake occurrences.