Links to Earthquake Related Webpages in Japan


Government Agencies (includes recently privatized organizations)

 National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED)
      - F-Net (broadband)
      -  K-Net  (strong-motion)
      -  KiK-Net (strong-motion - borehole)
      -  Hi-Net   (short-period) in Japanese


 Geographical Survey Institute (GSI)
    Geonet - Continuous GPS Data 

 Geological Survey of Japan (AIST)

 Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC)

 Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA)

 JMA - Research Istitute

 JMA Intensity Maps (in Japanese)

 Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion
    (Summaries of earthquake activity and research programs)

Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction

   Hokkaido University
   Tohoku University
   Univ. of Tokyo
      Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences
      Earthquake Research Institute

   Kyoto University
      Dept. of Geophysics
      Disaster Prevention Research Institute

Division of Earthquake Hazards
Research Center for Earthquake Prediction
Division of Earthquake Disaster Prevention
Sakurajima Volcano Research Center

   Nagoya University
   Hiroshima University
   Kyushu University

   J-array data
      (short period data)

  Japan Seismological Society (in Japanese)

  Disaster Prevention and Information Center, Shizuoka Research Institute